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Below are a few comments that our clients have shared with us...

"When I was searching for a photographer, I wanted to find someone who was trained and enjoyed what they were doing, who would take the time to get the best picture... not just someone who is hired to do the job.  We decided to visit Philpott Photography because we just love the work they do.  Greg is so patient and kind... no matter how long it takes to get the portraits just right.  When I first saw our finished portraits from Philpott Photography for the first time, I was overjoyed with how great they were and couldn't believe the quality of work.  We have gone to the chain stores before working with Greg and I have to say that none of the pictures we have purchased from them have gotten as many compliments as the ones Greg has done.  We have portraits that Greg created hanging all over our house for our family to enjoy.  If I had a friend who wasn't sure about whether to visit the studio or not... I would open my wallet, show them all the pictures we've done and I don't believe we'd have to say anything... the quality in the pictures speaks for themselves."
-Amy Smith, Wirtz Va


"I had been thinking of having some portraits created of my son.  When I saw some pictures that were taken by Philpott Photography, I checked out the website and it looked like somewhere I wanted to try.  It was different than the usual portrait studios that I had been used to visiting and I was definitely ready for something different.   I was disappointed with the usual, hurried sessions.  I really liked what I saw on the web site and believed that a session with Philpott Photography would be different.  The belief was proven to be true.   At our portrait session we were treated like we were the most important clients of the day.  
When I saw the portraits for the first time I felt like crying because they were such precious treasures. 
 I have the custom collage wall panel that Greg created  in my living room.  At first I felt like this was a little "over the top" to put it in such a conspicuous place.  I had originally planned to put it in my bedroom, however, I loved the pictures so much that I want EVERYONE that comes in the house to see them.  Also, I carry a picture in my badge for work ... to show everyone.  The portraits Greg created are also displayed in my family members' homes.   
When I set out to have my son’s portraits created, I was hoping to achieve something different than the normal studio portrait and this goal was met beyond anything I could have hoped.   While I have invested in other professional portraits, they did not come close to the service or quality of Philpott Photography.   To explain further, I made a special request of such a nature that I didn't even know if it could be done.  I wanted portraits of my 2 year old at play.  Is this even possible?  Is this a crazy request?   Greg Philpott took my request seriously and made recommendations that were perfect!  He even called a few days prior to our appointment and asked that we come at a different time "because the lighting was better".  Now this is going above and beyond in the realm of customer service.  The fact that he took time to determine the best time/lighting is more than I ever expected and more than I would have ever gotten at another photography service.  In addition, Greg took more time with my son during the photo session than has ever been taken before.  In prior experiences, we had to wait for what seemed like forever only to have our turn come up and 15 minutes later it was over.  The level of service provided by Philpott Photography is above all others. 
If a friend were to ask me if going to Philpott Photography for their portraits was worth it, I would say they would never regret it.  The treasures that come from Philpott Photography are second to none.

-Robin Anderson,  Rocky Mount Va


"Thank you so much! I absolutely love the pictures and the DVD!! I keep watching it over and over again. I love that song you put on there.  My family and my friend loved the pictures too.  My friend commented on the canvas that you even captured that twinkle in Trevor's eyes. Your quality is just amazing! I'm so glad that I did this because these are definitely priceless keepsakes.  Babies grow up way too fast. I realized yesterday how much he has already changed since his 3 month pictures. You never can get that time back, but in pictures babies stay babies forever. Someone once told me that pictures are where your memories are and that is so true. I've always felt that it's worth the investment. I know that someday when my kids are all grown and gone that all I'm going to be left with are the memories and these beautiful pictures to help remind me of this time in my life. Life is made up of moments, so I try to capture as many as I can."
-Chelsea Cannell, Roanoke Va


"When we decided to have a family portrait created, we were looking for a photographer who was child friendly and had outdoor portrait expertise.  After speaking with Greg we knew from his personality and his patience with kids that he could tailor a portrait to our needs which was outdoor casual.  We wanted to capture our children in a natural outdoor setting at a place they love to visit.  Our goal was to create a beautiful piece of family art for our home.  At the portrait session we felt very relaxed and loved the way our session went.  When we saw our portraits for the first time we needed a Kleenex!  It was fabulous and romantic for me and David.  We had never had a family portrait taken so it was very emotional for us to see our family portraits that Greg created.  We plan to put the two 20"x20" panels in our living room for everyone to see.  This is the best work we had ever taken.  Wish you did our wedding 10 years ago!  I tell all my friends who are thinking of having a portrait made to take the plunge!  It is an investment that you will look at every day, years to come and show to all that you love.  We are so happy to have made the decision.  It is tough to spend money on pictures, but I know I will love to show my kids to everyone who comes to our home."
-Mary-Evelyn Sellars, Hardy Va


"You managed to really capture Sarah's personality in her senior portraits.  I don't know how you do it but your portraits are magical!"

“I thought the overall experience was so so much fun.  I loved everything about it.  My favorite part was seeing the slideshow.  It was somewhat different than I expected but in a good way.  I really liked the tire swing.  It was so much fun to do and the pictures turned out great.  I would definitely suggest that my classmates come to you for their senior portraits.” 
-Tracie Arrington, Franklin County HS

“Greg did a wonderful job of creating a comfortable atmosphere during my shoot, I didn't feel rushed.   I loved that Greg effectively captured my persona with such ease, I never looked overly posed or un-natural in my photos.  Greg's photography was definitely mind-blowing! I couldn't believe how well the final product came out.  Definitely give Greg a chance to photograph you and your family, he's fantastic, and you won't regret it!”
-Stephanie Washburn, Magna Vista HS


“I decided to have Greg do my senior portraits because I liked the photographs on the website.  The actual photo session was easy and comfortable.  I liked how laid back the shoot was.  Greg’s portraits really captured my personality.  If I could do my session over again I wouldn’t change a thing.”
-Callie Houff, William Byrd HS

“I had fun getting my pictures taken by Greg.  I thought I would just come in, get a few shots and be gone but I was wrong.  The session was great.  Me and my friends are always taking pictures of ourselves and it was pretty much like that.  My portraits really describe who I am.”
-Lacey Fralin, William Flemming HS

-Amy Phillips, Rocky Mount Va

"We love Nora's Pictures!"
-Bonny Winter


"I really wanted to have some unique portraits created that would show my personality and that would look great too.  I knew that Greg would be able to make this happen.  Greg took the time to plan our photo session before we started so that we would make sure to get the kind of portraits that I wanted.  I now have a truly unique set of portraits that I will always treasure!  Thank you Greg!"
-Rachel Rothmann, Rocky Mount Va


If you have a comment you would like to share, please send me an email or call me anytime.
-Greg Philpott
540 365-3190