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Dear Friend,

    Your family is changing so fast, isnít it?  Your children (and yes, they will be your ďchildrenĒ even when theyíre married and have kids of their own) are growing up, and becoming more like adults every day.  Donít you wish you could just ďfreeze timeĒ and hold these special moments forever?

    My name is Greg Philpott, and capturing wonderful family memories is what Iíve devoted my life to.  Iím a professional photographer, but more than that, Iím just like you... Iím a family person.

We Can Stop The Clock.  Memories Are The Most Valuable Thing We Own.

    Can you relate to this at all?  I wake up every morning and wonder where the time is going.  Do you ever do that?  Have you noticed that, the older you and your children get, the faster time seems to fly?  Iím very lucky - My youngest daughter is still young enough to live here with us.   But thereís one thing I regret...

I Would Give Just About ANYTHING IN THE WORLD To Have A Fine Family Portrait Of  Rachel, Risa, My Wife ReBecca And Myself...

    This is going to be hard to believe.  Iím a professional photographer, and I never had a family photograph created of my family when my children were still living at home.  Now that Rachel has left for the Air Force Academy, it is increasingly harder to get the family together for a wonderful portrait of all of us.

    What I wouldnít give to be able to go back in time, and capture those moments on film.  Thatís one of the reasons I became a professional photographer - I want to help other families hold on to their family memories forever, and never regret not having a family portrait done.

ďI have been using Greg for our familyís portraits for many years.  He always takes the time to make sure the portraits look great.  We have our family portrait proudly displayed in our home so we can enjoy it every day.  If you are looking for a photographer to create your once-in-a-lifetime family portrait, we highly recommend Mr. PhilpottĒ 
-Debbie Dillon, Rocky Mount


Throughout This Page Youíll See And Hear From Families throughout the Roanoke Valley Who Have Had Their Lives Forever Enriched By the Lasting Memories Of Family Portraits --- 

--- But There Were Things Even They Didnít Know When They Started Looking For A Photographer...

    If youíre at all like most of the families on this website, you probably havenít given a lot of thought to having a family portrait created.  Donít worry - thatís pretty normal.  Youíve got a lot of things going on in your life.  Life is busier and crazier than ever in 2007, and family life in particular seems to be happening at an ever-accelerating pace.

    If you have read this far, you are probably thinking of having a family portrait created...  Click this link to read about the 5 Myths, Mistakes, And Misconceptions About Having A Family Portrait Created - The Stuff 99% Of All People In The World Donít Know:


  Greg Philpott